How to Prepare for Spring Allergy Season

If you’re like many allergy sufferers, you may be dreading the impending doom of spring-related allergies. With the 50-degree-plus weather—sunshine, picnics and plenty of time outdoors—also comes the most common and pesky spring allergens, including pollen and mold spores. In fact, beginning in March each year, 30 to 60 million people will experience hay fever. With that being said, you can get ready for an enjoyable springtime by using your basic allergy prevention tools.

Follow Good Habits

Before spring is in full-swing, make a list of everyday things you can do to deter polluting your air with microscopic particles that can trigger your allergies. For example, try to change clothes as soon as you get home (tossing your dirty clothes directly into the washing machine is a good idea) to avoid bringing outdoor pollen and dander into your space. You can also get into good habits like showering before bed so that you don’t transfer these particles onto your pillow, sheets and bedding. And, most importantly, make sure you’re carefully tracking your air filter to ensure that it’s clean and working to the best of its ability. Below are some simple reminders to help keep your symptoms at bay.

• Nasal rinses 1-2 times daily and after prolonged outdoor activity
• Be proactive in taking a 24-hour antihistamine before outdoor activity
• Keep your windows in the bedroom closed at all times
• Washing pets weekly (especially if they are indoor / outdoor pets)