Whether this is your first-time investigating hearing aid options or you are on your 3rd pair, it is a big investment and it is best to educate yourself and start your search prepared. There are many factors when going through the hearing aid selection process. The hearing test is a small portion of what is used to determine which hearing technology is right for you. It is important that the Audiologist or hearing care specialist explain your results and discuss your specific lifestyle needs. Hearing aids are not one size fits all. Here at Denver Hearing Specialists we take pride in using our medical opinion as well as your specific needs to help guide you into the right hearing device(s).

Your specific hearing loss

No two people hear the same. Even if hearing loss shows up the same on the Audiogram (the graph that shows your hearing results), it is subjective. This is why it is important to discuss your specific needs and concerns with an Audiologist. They will be able to guide into the best hearing device for you based on specific functions and features of the device. They will also take the severity of your hearing loss into consideration and ensure that the hearing aid selected can provide you with enough amplification.  

Different types of hearing aids

There are many factors that play a role in determining which style of hearing aid would work best for you.  Some factors include the type and severity of hearing loss, dexterity, and the patient’s lifestyle. It is easy to become confused when researching various hearing aid types online, which is why here at Denver Hearing Specialists, we offer a free hearing aid consultation. We prefer that patients have the correct information when making a decision about their hearing health. No matter what type of hearing device or where you decide to purchase them from, avoid locked hearing aids. This would require you to return to the same location for the rest of the life of the hearing aids. If you happen to move or don’t like the provider you are working with, it could prevent you from getting future hearing aid care. 

Selecting the best Audiologist for you

Spend as much time finding the best hearing health care provider as you do finding the best hearing devices. You can purchase the most expensive hearing devices, but if they are not programmed appropriately, you may not receive the full benefit. It is necessary to find an Audiologist who follows best practices. These are fundamentals that Audiologists should be performing when recommending, fitting, and programming hearing aids. The most important best practice that is often neglected is the verification of the hearing aids. This is what guarantees that we are meeting your hearing prescription and not making assumptions of how the hearing aids should be set. 

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