Hearing Aids

In Denver and Lone Tree, Colorado

The Technological Breakthroughs In Recent Years Have Made Hearing Aids Smaller With Better Digital Processing Sound Quality.

Extensive research demonstrates that treatment with modern hearing instruments brings measurable improvements in social, emotional, psychological, and physical well being for patients and their spouses. Significant technological advances have improved hearing aids over the years including:

  • exceptional sound quality using digital signal processing
  • greater physical comfort
  • smaller sizes and more cosmetically appealing than in the past
  • improved hearing in background noise; hearing from the front is enhanced while sounds coming from behind are reduced
  • multiple listening programs for different listening environments

Let Denver Hearing Specialists Answer Your Questions On Which Hearing Aid Would Be Best For Your Specific Hearing Loss Needs.

As you consider being fitted for hearing aids it is important to be informed of all the options available. There are five basic styles of hearing aids: Behind The Ear (BTE), In The Ear (ITE), In The Canal (ITC), Receiver In the Canal (RIC), and Completely In the Canal (CIC).

Many of the latest technologies have occurred in the RIC and CIC styles and are offered by all of the top manufacturers. The Doctors of Audiology at the Denver Hearing Specialists navigate this highly complex and technological specialty for you. We make sure you are getting the right hearing aids for your specific hearing needs. We know which hearing aids are the most reliable and have the best sound quality for your range of hearing loss.