Hearing Aid Follow Up & Care

In Denver and Lone Tree, Colorado

Improving Your Hearing Is Not As Simple As Buying Hearing Aids. It Is Important To Work With A Doctor Of Audiology Who Will Guide You Through All Steps Of The Auditory Rehabilitation Process.

Our Doctors of Audiology understand the importance of including education, counseling, a gradual adaptation period, and learning effective communication strategies to the hearing aid fitting. Without including auditory rehabilitation in the hearing aid fitting process, patients do not maximize the benefits that today’s hearing aids provide.

Hearing aids are a big investment and our Doctors of Audiology understand that fact. Our hearing aid follow-up care plan includes a 75 day trial period with a full refund, an extended three year repair and loss/damage coverage, 200 free batteries, and no charge office visits with our Doctors of Audiology for the life of your hearing aids. We will remind you to come into the office every 6 months for a cleaning and check of your hearing aids to ensure peak performance.

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