Shot free allergy treatment

Convenience of taking immunotherapy at home or on the go.

Sublingual allergy drops

Introducing a shot free alternative to take control of your allergies. Allergy drops work much like allergy shots, slowly desensitizing you to what causes your allergic reaction, but they’re delivered under your tongue in a liquid form that you can safely take at home.


Because of their safety profile, allergy drops can be an option for all patients, including young children.


Allergy drops are taken under the tongue 2-3 times each day and have an average efficacy of 85%


While office visits and testing are covered by insurance, allergy drops are not. However, when traditional treatments go towards a high deductible or copay, the drops many times actually cost less. HSA / Flex plans can be used for payments.

Convenience of taking immunotherapy at home or on the go.

Shot free treatment for your allergies

Studies show that immunotherapy started in young children can help prevent the development of asthma

How do allergy drops work?

Unlike most allergy medications — which only treat symptoms temporarily — sublingual immunotherapy addresses the root cause of allergies. Allergy drops are administered under the tongue in gradually increasing strengths until the patient reaches the maximum maintenance dosage.