Heading to college is an exciting time.  Many new opportunities and experiences await, but suffering from your allergies should not be one of them.  What are the best ways for students to avoid exacerbation of their symptoms as they enter the hallowed halls of higher learning?

A major hurdle to independent living is establishing and maintaining schedules and personal disciplines.  Remembering to take your allergy and asthma medications on a regular schedule can be an important part of this personal growth.  Skipping your medications or an erratic dosing schedule can lead to trouble.  This also applies to your allergy shots or drops if you are receiving SCIT or SLIT.

Living in a historic college dormitory is a unique experience, but experiencing the dust and dander of past residents adds an unnecessary and potentially uncomfortable dimension.  The same environmental controls used in the home can be translated to the dorm environment.  HEPA filtration units, mattress covers, pillow covers all have a role.  Also avoidance of irritants such as smoking and vaping are important steps to maintaining allergy health.

Learning the art of living with a roommate can be a part of the collegiate experience.  As you discern the dimensions and nuances of cohabitating in a small space, remember to communicate both the fact that you have allergies and your primary triggers.  This may help avoid both interpersonal conflict and allergy flare ups down the road. 

Lastly, many new experiences await but an allergic reaction does not have to be one of them.   If you suffer with food allergies, remember to remain cognizant of the new foods you try.