If you have tinnitus which is often described as a ringing, hissing, buzzing or rushing sound that can vary in pitch, then Levo® Therapy System for Tinnitus may be right for you.

Levo® Therapy System for Tinnitus has been developed by the team at Otoharmonics® Corporation. It is an FDA cleared and CE approved sound-based therapy which works with the brains natural plasticity to help the brain get used to, or habituate, to the tinnitus sound within the hearing center of the brain.

The personalized therapy sound is presented to the patient while they are sleeping via an iPod device and earbuds that are designed to be slept in. The system is targeted to individuals who have normal or near normal hearing accompanied by bothersome tinnitus or individuals who currently wear hearing aids, but are still bothered by their tinnitus.

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